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Jan 31, 2024

Relocation whether local or interstate often disrupts your routine when you try to DIY it. Irrespective of whether you are relocating your office, home or just a piece of furniture, it does require packing, transportation, unpacking and at times also disassembling and assembling of your belongings.

We at Movalist understand the intricacies of moving as we have been serving the Brisbane community for over years with our expert removal solutions. We offer complete as well as custom removal solutions to our clients to ensure all their moving needs are met. We help you with packing and unpacking, disassembling and assembling, loading and unloading and also offer storage options.

In this blog, we will go through how Movalist helps you with your removal requirements and how we make your move smooth without much disruption to your routine. 

Expert Removal Solutions

We have a team of consistently trained and expert removalists who can handle all kinds of small, medium sized or large moves. Our team comes equipped with industry-standard tools and gear to ensure your belongings are safe whether moved from tricky stairs and small doors or through huge hallways. You can trust our team for expert removal solutions across Brisbane. 

We offer:

When you get in touch with our removalists, we pre-assess your requirements and offer a custom obligation-free quote based on your requirements. 

Exclusive Storage Options

At times, you might need a place to store your belongings during a move, like when you're moving to a smaller space, there's a gap between moving dates or other reasons. Whether you are upsizing, downsizing or require only storage options due to any reason, we provide storage facility at a cost-effective pricing. 

Our removalists assess your belongings and assist you in discovering the right storage options to ensure your belongings are kept safe until you're prepared to have them back.

Also, when you book our full removal solutions, we offer complimentary upto 2 weeks of storage option in case you require to store your belongings before, during or anytime of the move. 

Local vs. Interstate Removals

Well, often, it's considered that whether you are moving locally or interstate, there isn't much difference. Well, to some extent, that's true, but not always. Interstate moves require more planning, definitive packing to ensure the safety of your belongings, at times storage options and expert navigation to avoid any damage to your belongings. 

Movalist removalists come equipped whether you are moving local or interstate. We have a fleet of modern vehicles of different sizes to accommodate your belongings. We pre-plan, pack, bubble wrap fragile items and segregate your belongings in labelled boxes.

Movalist Removal Process

Movalist has some easy strategies to make your move smooth and stress-free. By staying organised and calm, we help you tackle the big move without breaking a sweat. 

Here's how we make your move easy:

Before the Move

1. Prepare a detailed plan

We create a detailed plan based on an assessment of your moving requirements to figure out the budget, set a timeline to get your belongings sorted, note any specific requirements and identify items that require special attention. Also, during this time, we create a timeline as to what tasks should be completed by a specific date

2. Start decluttering and segregating the belongings

Decluttering will help simplify things. Our removalists come in advance to help you segregate and declutter your items. We ensure fragile items are packed using premium packing material and segregated in boxes that need special care during the move. We use quality packing material such as sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper and tapes. We also label and colour code boxes as fragile to avoid any confusion at the actual day of the move. 

With regards to other items, we pack and write a clear description of what's inside on each box and the room it belongs to. We also label a special box "open first" for essentials like toiletries, a change of clothes, basic kitchen stuff and important documents. This smart packing will make unpacking a breeze, saving time.

On the day of the move

On the day of the move, we ensure everything is in place and our removalists arrive at your place on time with a fleet of modern trucks and other tools and lifting equipment. Once we have loaded everything in our modern trucks, we ensure your space is clean and tidy. 

We then transport your belongings to its destination where we unload, unpack, unwrap, reassemble and arrange it in your new space for you to start enjoying it. In case of storage, we take your belongings to our storage facility where it stays till you want. 

All our removal solutions are backed by Guaranteed Date Delivery, which ensure there are no surprises with the arrival of your belongings. Our removalists are punctual who ensure you have a smooth move and relocation.

Why is Movalist Brisbane's ideal choice for removal solutions?

Movalist ensures 100% customer satisfaction on each of our removals. With a proven track record, transparent pricing policies, and a range of services tailored to individual needs, our removalists ensure a smooth moving experience for home, office, commercial spaces, and furniture moves alike. From local residential moves to interstate relocations and special item removals, our removalists are dedicated to excellence, affordable pricing, and personalized solutions, making it the top pick for anyone seeking a smooth and hassle-free move in Brisbane.