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Moving from one state to another is an extensive moving process because the entire process has to take place in one go. So whether you are moving your home or office to a different state, a considerable amount of paperwork, planning, and professional packing is required.

To ensure that nothing goes wrong during an interstate move, you must hire a professional interstate removalists company like Movalist.

Movalist- Interstate Removalists

We are an interstate moving company operational across all major cities in Australia. We are not just dedicated to making your interstate moving process hassle-free but also provide excellent storage solutions on our Australia-wide network.

Movalist is loved by all our Australia-wide clients. In addition to our highly rated moving services, we are also known for our great communication. Interstate moves can be tricky, and therefore, we make sure to spend enough time understanding your needs so that you can have a hassle-free experience.

We are unlike other cheap interstate movers because we prioritise quality over everything else. While interstate moving can be expensive, Movalist guarantees high-quality services at affordable rates.

Reliable Service

Unlike other removalists, we provide reliable services with assured quality service with no hidden fees making moving interstate stress-free. As an interstate removalist company, we keep up with all the rules and regulations on our Australia-wide network that must be followed for a smooth relocation process. In addition to this, we also provide transit insurance for all our services.

Our interstate removals team will handle all the paperwork required for interstate moving, even if it requires us to cross more than two state borders. We will ensure that the delivery of your household items is done with the utmost care.

Packing and Storage

Hassle-free Interstate Moving Process

No one wants an interstate move filled with questions, hurdles, confusion, and unwanted surprises. That is why we are here for you, where you can be at complete peace during the entire process.

We will be with you right from the beginning of the moving process, where we will help you carefully pack all your belongings and deliver them to your new premises without any damage or confusion. It can be hard to associate interstate relocation with the term hassle-free but do not worry, as Movalist will be able to make you experience it with the best service.

We, as interstate movers, only want to provide our clients with efficient delivery along with excellent service. So, leave the relocation to us!

Professional Interstate Removals

As interstate moving can be complex, it is necessary to have a professional team in place. Relocating across state lines requires a level of expertise only experienced professionals can offer. That’s why at Movalist, we prioritise on quality removal services provided by expert removalists only.

Along with a lot of training, our interstate movers have a lot of experience in interstate relocation. Our team has great expertise in the whole process and will help you relocate with utmost care right from the beginning of the moving process till the delivery of all your belongings and all personal effects.

It is not just about skills and expertise when it comes to interstate moving. Interstate movers need to be ready to go the extra mile when it comes to it. It’s the guarantee of a great service – something that you will definitely find at Movalist.

Premium Packing

When moving house or office across state lines, the biggest concern is whether the furniture will be delivered in an ‘as is’ situation. Damages to furniture are quite common during an interstate move, but with proper double handling of your belongings, its safety can be assured.

Unlike other interstate moving companies, Movalist’s professional team, specialised in interstate removals, takes the time to pack your furniture before the big move. Our professional interstate movers use only high-quality materials while packaging your furniture.

They use packing materials such as bubble wrap to ensure that the furniture will not break or have any scratches during any interstate move.

Interstate Moving Truck Brisbane

High-Quality Boxes

Interstate moving means that your furniture will travel a long distance, and the journey might not always be smooth. As an interstate moving company, we only want to provide the best for you.

We ensure that the boxes used to place all your furniture and other household items are of the highest quality. Our interstate removalists will ensure that the boxes are securely tapped or plastered.

Disassemble and Re-Assemble Services

Our furniture removalists will carefully disassemble furniture like tables, desks, chairs, beds and other furniture. They will even wrap the pieces securely so there is no damage during relocation.

Once the furniture reaches the new house or office, our interstate removalists will re-assemble all the disassembled furniture. You will not have to do anything on your own or hire a third party to do it for you.

Our interstate removalists will do a fantastic job in bringing all your furniture back to how it was before and will place it in the location you want.

As mentioned earlier, we have a wide network. Whether you are in Melbourne or any other place in Australia, our company will send interstate furniture removalists to assemble all your household items.

Our interstate moving company offers free dismantling and re-assembling services; hence you save money when you hire us as your interstate removalists.

Safe Interstate Relocation

Moving interstate needs to be safe, and we ensure your relocation is safe and hassle-free.

We, as interstate movers, have our trucks. We do not rent or hire trucks from a third party during relocation.

Our trucks are well-designed for an interstate move. They are well-padded, matted and secure. All your delicate items will be safe in our truck.

Our interstate removals team will securely place your interstate furniture that is packed into the truck, and your furniture will be safe in our truck.

Professional Movers in Brisbane

Car Transport

You do not have to worry about your car during relocation, as we will take care of it.

We even provide car transport service to make moving interstate hassle-free for you.

Your car will be in safe hands with us.

Packing and Storage for Move

Storage Solutions

As an interstate movers company, we understand that you can not take all your items or belongings to the new place if it is a temporary move.

To help you with that problem, we provide storage facilities to keep your belongings safe.

Our furniture removalists will securely pack all your household or office items and place them in the storage facility.

You can store all the items that you do not want to carry during relocation at our storage service at the best price, along with storage insurance.

Our interstate movers at Movalist will make your interstate moving hassle-free and efficient.

As a moving company, we only provide high-quality services at affordable rates with upfront charges.

Interstate moving does not have to be a big problem anymore. Hire us to make your work easy.

You can contact us and let us know your moving dates. We will take care of everything from there.